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Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking

Exciting Changes to Wheel-Trans

In accordance with AODA legislation, the TTC has made changes to Wheel-Trans' eligibility criteria as well as the process for registering customers for the service. As of January 1st, all new customers wishing to apply for Wheel-Trans service will need to complete an Application Form. Eligibility for service is no longer only based on having a physical disability, but rather on having any disability whereby using the conventional TTC service for all or part of a trip could present certain barriers that cannot be overcome. Details on the new process and criteria are posted on our website at
Note: If you are an existing customer, you will not be expected to re-apply for Wheel-Trans eligibility via an application form at this time. Your status with Wheel-Trans is not changing at this time, and your service will not be interrupted.

In order to use this site you must be a valid Wheel-Trans customer.

Please enter your Wheel-Trans Registration number and Password to access the Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking system.

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If you save your Registration number and password, anyone accessing Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking using this computer will be able to book and cancel trips on your behalf. Please do not do this at a shared computer.