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Regular Scheduled Trips from December 20, 2015 – January 2, 2016

As the result of many facility and program closures over the holiday season, we are cancelling all regularly scheduled trips (trips that automatically reoccur every week) for the period of December 20, 2015 – January 2, 2016. The exception will be regular trips for dialysis.

Customers can still travel during this period, but they will need to book all the trips they require. If you know in advance that you will require your trips during the above mentioned period, all your trips can be scheduled as of Sunday December 13, 2015.

Finch Station - Elevator overhaul -October 10 to December 31

Please click on link below for specific details

Join ACAT (Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit)

To facilitate community input into the planning, development and implementation of accessible transit, the Toronto Transit Commission relies on the TTC Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT).
Its role is to represent the needs and concerns of people with disabilities and seniors who use the TTC. It provides guidance and policy advice to the Commission on issues pertaining to the ways and means of improving fixed route (i.e., TTC bus, subway, and streetcar) and Wheel-Trans services.
Five (5) volunteer positions on the committee are open to residents of the City of Toronto who have disabilities, as well as, seniors or others who have a knowledge of and an interest in accessible transportation issues. Applicants must be willing to make a commitment of a minimum of 7 hours per week, to attend meetings normally held during regular business hours.
Interested applicants must attend one of the information sessions at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, to obtain more information about the committee and its function. Sessions will be held in Committee Room 2 on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, and on Friday, October 9th, 2015 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Application forms will be distributed only to attendees after the seminars. Please note that closed captioning, an ASL Interpreter, and Attendant Care will be available for both sessions.
Those interested in attending the sessions who have any special needs, please call Wheel-Trans Customer Service, weekdays 8:00 am to 4:00pm, at (416) 393-4111 or the TTY line at (416) 393-4555 or email to

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