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Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking

Exciting Changes to Wheel-Trans

In accordance with AODA legislation, the TTC has made changes to Wheel-Trans' eligibility criteria as well as the process for registering customers for the service. As of January 1st, all new customers wishing to apply for Wheel-Trans service will need to complete an Application Form. Eligibility for service is no longer only based on having a physical disability, but rather on having any disability whereby using the conventional TTC service for all or part of a trip could present certain barriers that cannot be overcome. Details on the new process and criteria are posted on our website at
Note: If you are an existing customer, you will not be expected to re-apply for Wheel-Trans eligibility via an application form at this time. Your status with Wheel-Trans is not changing at this time, and your service will not be interrupted.

Wheel-Trans' Family of Services Pilot

Wheel-Trans has launched its Family of Services Pilot - an exciting initiative that will help transform the way accessible public transit services are delivered. This pilot will help us learn how Wheel-Trans and TTC conventional transit services, such as the bus and subway, can work together to provide more freedom and flexibility for our customers.
Pilot participants have the added benefits of receiving same-day service when booking their trips up to four hours in advance and shorter wait times when booking through our dedicated Family of Services line.
If you are interested in becoming a Family of Services Pilot participant, please let us know by emailing More information is available at

Be Scent Aware

Please avoid the use of strong scents when travelling. Strong scents can have adverse health effects on customers.

***New*** Revised Wheel-Trans Late Cancellation/No Show Policy

We've got some exciting news to share! We've developed a new Wheel-Trans Late Cancellation & No Show Policy that puts customers first. This new customer-friendly policy comes into effect September 7, 2017. This new policy offers more freedom and flexibility. Customers will be able to cancel their trips up to four (4) hours before their scheduled pick up time; and the number of late cancellation, no show and cancel-at-the-door occurrences customers can have in a month will be increased.

More information about the new policy will be sent to you and details are also available at

On-Time Service

Every effort is made on our part to provide you with timely and efficient service at all times. In order to ensure you don’t miss your Wheel-Trans ride, please try to arrive five (5) minutes earlier than your scheduled pick up time!

In order to use this site you must be a valid Wheel-Trans customer.

Please enter your Wheel-Trans Registration number and Password to access the Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking system.

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If you save your Registration number and password, anyone accessing Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking using this computer will be able to book and cancel trips on your behalf. Please do not do this at a shared computer.