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Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking

Excessive Wait Times

Please note that as we have entered the winter period, you may experience longer than usual wait times on the phone lines due to the increase in demand for our services at this time of year. We are focussing our efforts on answering calls as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

Exciting Changes coming to Wheel-Trans in 2017

In accordance with AODA legislation, the TTC is making changes to Wheel-Trans' eligibility criteria as well as the process for registering customers for the service. Commencing January 1st, all new customers wishing to apply for Wheel-Trans service will need to complete an Application Form. Eligibility for service is no longer only based on having a physical disability, but rather on having any disability whereby using the conventional TTC service for all or part of a trip could present certain barriers that cannot be overcome. Details on the new process and criteria will be posted on our website at
Note: If you are an existing customer, you will not be expected to re-apply for Wheel-Trans eligibility come January 1, 2017 when the new application process comes into effect. Your status with Wheel-Trans is not changing at this time, and your service will not be interrupted.

In order to use this site you must be a valid Wheel-Trans customer.

Please enter your Wheel-Trans Registration number and Password to access the Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking system.

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If you save your Registration number and password, anyone accessing Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking using this computer will be able to book and cancel trips on your behalf. Please do not do this at a shared computer.