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Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking

Regular Scheduled Trips from December 20, 2015 – January 2, 2016

As the result of many facility and program closures over the holiday season, we are cancelling all regularly scheduled trips (trips that automatically reoccur every week) for the period of December 20, 2015 – January 2, 2016. The exception will be regular trips for dialysis.

Customers can still travel during this period, but they will need to book all the trips they require. If you know in advance that you will require your trips during the above mentioned period, all your trips can be scheduled as of Sunday December 13, 2015.

Call-out Reminders – No Shows and Late Cancellations

Starting next month, Wheel-Trans will be calling customers with an automated message to alert them when they receive a no-show or have a late cancelation. The goal is to remind our customers so that we can reduce these occurrences.

Customer no-shows and late cancellations impact our ability to provide customers with trips, and represent a considerable cost to the TTC. A no-show occurs when our driver arrives at the scheduled destination at the scheduled time, waits an additional 5 minutes, and is unable to locate you. A late cancellation is any trip that is cancelled on the actual day of service instead of the day before. The current policy allows up to a maximum of 4 days with late cancellations and/or no-shows each month. The automated call-out will alert customers when they receive their first (1st) and when they receive their fourth (4th) no-show or late cancellation.

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