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Wheel-Trans Online Trip Booking

Same Day Booking or Trip Modification Requests

For all same day service trip requests including the modification of existing scheduled rides, customers must give 4 hours advanced notice. Without this advanced notice staff will not be able to attempt to schedule your request as we do not have additional capacity on our vehicles. The exception is if your ride has been no-showed and you still require your trips. In this case, we will attempt to get you a trip as soon as one is available. Please note that all trip requests (including same day)are subject to availability.

* Requests cannot be made between the hours of 11:00 pm and 4:59 am

** If you schedule a trip on-line, you have 10 minutes from the time it is scheduled, to cancel it without it counting as a same day cancellation.

Dundas West Elevator Overhaul - March - July 2015


409 ACCESSIBLE SHUTTLE DUNDAS WEST Temporary service A temporary accessible shuttle bus service will be operated between Dundas West Station and Dufferin Station. This will provide an accessible connection during the planned closure for overhaul of the street to concourse to platform elevator at Dundas West Station. The service will be operated by Wheel-Trans, and is expected be required from early March until early July.

First/last trip times - approximate Mon-Sat First 409 from Dundas West Stn 6:10 a.m. First 409 from Dufferin Stn 6:20 a.m. Last 409 from Dundas West Stn 1:50 a.m. Last 409 from Dufferin Stn 2:00 a.m.

First/last trip times - approximate Sun First 409 from Dundas West Stn 9:10 a.m. First 409 from Dufferin Stn 9:20 a.m. Last 409 from Dundas West Stn 1:50 a.m. Last 409 from Dufferin Stn 2:00 a.m.

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